Script Rules

Script rules are general settings that can be applied to all scripts. They have been introduced in LSS Bot v5.12.18 on 16-11-2023. These settings give the user more control over each individual script. Script rules are also very useful for anti-ban measures on games that have a risk of getting an in-game account disabled (Rise of Kingdoms and Call of Dragons).

Rules List

1) Run script on selected days

The script will only be executed on the selected days based on the in-game time.

2) Only run script at

The script will only be executed in between the selected time interval based on in-game time.


With these settings the script will only run if the current in-game time is between 00:15 – 15:30.

3) Change the default script timeout

Changes the default timeout value (minutes) in the current script.

4) Take a break

After completing the current script the bot will sleep (idle) for the set duration. The duration is a random value between the min and max values (minute). The bot can also close the game while the break time is running.

5) Put script on cooldown

Puts the script on cooldown after completing it.

6) Skip next script

After finishing the current script the bot will skip a random amount of scripts in queue.

7) Random actions

Performs a random set of selected actions for the set period of time after completing the script.