Multiple Instances

LSS Bot can play on multiple accounts simultaneously (run multiple instances). Follow this guide to get started.

Step 1 – Create Emulator Instances

You can create new emulator instances in your emulator’s MultiManager (MultiPlayer) or within the bot. When creating emulators it’s recommended to clone existing emulators. This will transfer all your games and settings to the new emulators. Examples can be found on the screenshots below.

Step 2 – Create Bot Instances

Next create some bot instances in the “My Bots” tab and assign at least one emulator to every bot instance.

You can configure every bot instance (select the game, assign different settings to the emulators etc) by pressing the “Cog” button next to every bot instance.

Step 3 – Start

You can now start all the bot instances by pressing the “Play” button next to every instance.

To avoid issues it’s recommended to wait until an instance is fully started before starting the next one.