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Common Issues & Solutions

Child process exited with code 1

Uninstall LSS Bot from your computer (Control Panel -> Apps -> Uninstall), redownload and reinstall the launcher from the website. Please make sure that the program and none of it’s processes are running when reinstalling (you can restart your PC to make sure).

Stuck downloading or extracting files

1) Make sure that you’re using Windows 10 (or 11).

2) Try to change your Windows language to English.

3) If your Windows path contains non English letters install the bot on a new Windows user that only contains English letters.

4) Try to delete the C:/Users/REPLACE-THIS-WITH-YOUR-USER-PATH/lssbot_5/ folder and run the program again. 

Bot is not starting

Usually this indicates that the download did not finish correctly. Delete the following folder: C:/Users/ REPLACE-THIS-WITH-YOUR-USER-PATH/lssbot_5/ folder and run the program again. In the latest launcher versions you can also delete the file by going to the launcher settings and hitting the “delete core file (repair bot)” button.

Bot not doing anything

1) Make sure that your in-game account meets the bot requirements (displayed when selecting the game).

2) Make sure that the in-game tutorials have been completed.

3) Check the logs to see what the bot is trying to do, whether it’s printing any errors or warnings.

4) Make sure that you’re using Windows 10+ and that your Windows username (path) does not contain any non English characters. If it does you’ll have to create a new Windows user and install the program on that user.

Snapshot and event errors

These errors indicate that the connection between the bot and the emulator is broken. If you’re using LD Player, the error will often pop up when your resource usage spikes (eg CPU 100%). The emulator will then kill the connection completely. The bot will normally restart the emulator, so that the emulator re-opens the connection and reconnect to it. If it fails to, simply restart the bot and emulator to solve the problem.

To avoid getting these errors:

1) Run a reasonable amount of bots simultaneously (multi instances). The amount you can run depends on your emulator settings and your computer specifications. Monitor the resource usage and optimize the emulators.

2) Do not run different emulators at the same time. For example LD Player and MEmu.

3) Do not run programs that use ADB when botting.

4) Use a stable emulator (the list of supported emulators and the statuses can be found in the program).

5) Make sure that no other 3rd party software, such as antivirus or firewall is preventing the emulator from functioning normally.

If your problem is hardware related (not enough resources) you can try to optimize your emulator instances or upgrade your hardware.

Emulator not found

This error indicates that either the emulator hasn’t been configured correctly, is damaged or there’s no connection between the bot and the emulator. It can also mean that you’ve installed the wrong emulator version.

Make sure that the correct emulator is selected in the bot’s “Settings” menu. Press save and restart the program to make sure.

If the issue persists, to fix this try to close all emulator related processes in the task manager and run the “Emulator configuration tool” in “My Bots” tab -> “Fix emulators” button. If you’re using MEmu make sure to close all MEmu related processes, else the configurations will get reverted by MEmu.

On LD Player you can also manually check the settings of each emulator instance “Other settings” -> “ADB Debugging” -> “Open local connection”.

If it’s the emulator instance itself that is damaged simply create a fresh instance and run the above mentioned “Emulator configuration tool” to fix it.

In rare cases this can also be caused by 3rd party software. Some security software might be blocking parts of the emulator, or another program taking up the ports the emulator is opening the connection on.

If the emulator settings are getting reverted and you have used the “Prevent LD Player from changing settings (make read only)” option before you’ll have to remove the property manually. Go to following directory C:/LDPlayer/LDPlayer4.0/vms/config, select all files -> properties -> uncheck “read only”.

Other emulator problems

The bot supports multiple emulators, it’s hard to say what emulator will work best on your PC. From our experience LD Player 5 x32 is the most stable emulator at this moment of time. Try switching to another emulator to resolve emulator related problems.

Login error code -2000

You will see the error if there’s a connection problem between you and the login server. Check your internet connection to solve it. It could be caused by a blacklisted IP or no internet connection at all. Check the following things:

1) Bad VPN.

2) Bad Proxy.

3) Bad IP that is blacklisted on different services. Can happen with dynamic IPs.

4) Airplane mode.

5) No internet connection.

6) DNS problems. Switching to Google DNS should help.

Sometimes waiting a little bit and trying again will solve it.

Login error getting the server message

This error indicates that the server’s bot prevention flags you and triggers a captcha on the backend. If your IP is dynamic try to reroll the IP by restarting your router. If you’re using a VPN try to disable it, or restart it.

Port 12345 in use by another program

You will run into this error if another program on your PC is using port 12345 that the bot also needs for the emulator connection. To solve this problem you'll have to figure out what program is using the port and close the program.

To figure out what program is using the port type the following command in CMD:

  netstat -ano | find "12345"

An active TCP connection on that port should be displayed in CMD (see screenshot below). The number on the right is the process ID of that program. You can use that process ID to find the program's name in the windows task manager, or by typing the following command in CMD:

  tasklist /svc /FI "PID eq 20496"
Don’t forget to edit the process ID when typing the command out. The process ID (PID) is marked red on the screenshot below.
LD Player resets settings

This is a known bug in LD Player, however there is a workaround. Change the emulator’s configuration file permission to read only. For example:


Keep in mind that the emulator won’t be able to change it’s settings until you uncheck the read only property.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any time!