Human Verification

LSS Bot uses the 2Captcha service to solve captchas (human verification) on some games (currently RoK, CoD). This is a paid 3rd party service you can find the pricings on their official website.

Getting Started

You will see a tab “Human Verification” in your bot instance’s configuration menu if 2Captcha is required to solve captchas on the game that you’re looking to bot.

Register an account on the 2Captcha website and add some funds to it. Usually a human verification attempt will cost you around ~$0.0012. You can get a more accurate pricing from 2Captcha. Log into your 2Captcha account. Copy paste the “API Key” from your 2Captcha account page into the bot’s “Human Verification” tab and press the “Save Key” button.

Now every time the bot sees that human verification (captcha) is required it’ll forward the request to 2Captcha and the human workers will solve the captcha and send the answer back to the bot.

Keep in mind that the time required to solve the captcha may vary. You can track all the processed captchas on your 2Captcha account page.