Bug Reports

Please check the common issues and solutions page as well as the other guides to make sure that your bot is set up correctly.

We’re doing our best to keep LSS Bot’s features up to date. The supported games get updated from time to time, these updates may lead to bugs. There are also often times differences based on your account progress, the in-game server that you play on and other variables. This usually is not a problem and gets resolved quickly if we receive a detailed bug report with the necessary information. Please fill the template below if a script is not functioning as expected on your end.

Bug Report Template

1) Game:

2) Script:

3) Problem description:

4) Attach screenshots of the problematic menus or interfaces. Important – the screenshots must be taken by the bot please check details below.

5) Attach the logs. Ideally upload the “lssbot-log.log” file, you can find it by pressing the “open logs folder” button in the “logs” tab. In some cases a screenshot or photo of the “logs” tab should be enough.

6) *Optional* Attach a screenshot of your script settings.

The more information you provide the quicker we can assist you or fix the problem.

How To Take The Screenshot (Step 4)

1) Start the emulator and make sure that the problematic menu is open.

2) Make sure that the emulator is connected to a bot instance.

3) Open the “My Bots” tab in LSS Bot.

4) Press the “Camera” button next to your bot instance.

The bot will take a screenshot and save it to file. The file directory and name will be printed on screen and in the logs.