Botting Safely

This tutorial is mainly written for RoK and CoD, the chances are very slim that you’ll ever get banned on other games that are supported by LSS Bot.

LSS Bot itself is undetectable, it uses various image recognition techniques and interacts with the games like a normal player would. What can cause bans is unusual player behavior and player reports. For example no player can play all week without taking breaks. For the most part it is about trial and error. We have collected a few steps that should guide you to a safer botting experience on RoK and CoD, and give you a general idea on how to avoid getting banned.

Once again it is very rare that a player gets banned, this guide is mainly written for RoK and CoD but it’s a good practice to follow on other games. Keep in mind that if a farm gets banned you can create 10 new ones and bot on unlimited accounts.