Botting Safely

While most of the games that the bot works with don’t care if you use a bot it’s always better to be safe than sorry. LSS Bot itself is undetectable, it uses various image recognition techniques and interacts with the games like a normal player would. 

What can cause bans is unusual player behavior and player reports. For example no player can play on a single account all week without taking breaks. Follow the few simple steps below and you should be able to bot 24/7 on any game without getting banned.

  • Don’t talk about botting in game.
  • Use the cooldowns options.
  • Use different settings on different accounts and/or run them in a differnet order.
  • Don’t bot on your main account.
  • Use more accounts to reduce overall in-game play time on each.
  • Use the break options to reduce the overall in-game play time.
  • Balance the amount of accounts you’re playing on and the play time.
  • Have different base layouts.
  • Don’t mass transfer resources to 1 single account from too many accounts.
  • Have unique names on your farms.
  • Don’t clump (hive) your bases.
  • Randomize script order.

Once again it is very rare that a player gets banned, this guide is mainly written for ROK and COD but it’s a good practice to follow on other games. Keep in mind that if a farm gets banned you can create 10 new ones and bot on unlimited accounts.