Account Switching

LSS Bot can play on unlimited accounts, there are multiple ways it can switch accounts.

Method 1 – Swapping Emulators

This method will work on all games and it has a 100% accuracy rate. You can create multiple emulator instances and host unique accounts on every emulator instance. For better understanding you can look at an emulator instance as a unique phone. Imagine that you have 10 phones and every phone is logged on an unique in-game account.

1) Create emulators using your emulator’s MultiManager tool, or you can also create emulator within the bot (Quick Start Step #2 or in your bot instance’s configuration “Accounts” or “Emulators” menu).

2) Start the emulators, install the game using google play store or by letting the bot do it for you.

3) Create or log into a unique account on each emulator device.

4) Open your bot instance’s configuration menu (cog icon in “My Bots” tab).

5) In the configuration menu select the “Emulators” (or in some games “Accounts” menu).

6) Tick the checkbox next to the emulators that you would like the bot to play on.

Congratulations! The bot will now swap emulators after completing all tasks resulting in account switching.


On some games you will have to complete parts of the in-game tutorial before you can log on your accounts. Therefore it is recommended to complete the tutorial on just 1 emulator and then clone it. Your cloned emulators will have all the saved progress, so you won’t have to do it over and over on all the emulators.

Method 2 – Accounts Table

Character swapping on Rise of Kingdoms

This method is not supported by all games. You can use this method if there’s an “Accounts” tab with a table in your bot instance configuration menu.

Using this method the bot will open up the in-game accounts list and look for values that match the table input. For example on ROE/LSS it will open up the IM30 account list.

You will see a “Username” and “Email” column in the table. Simply enter any value that identifies your account on the in-game account list. The value doesn’t have to be exact, it can be part of your username, or even the server (as long as it’s unique).

There are additional options you can also pick from. If you’re using multiple emulators you have to tell the bot what emulator that account is hosted on. You can also find a PIN input field (for ROE and LSS in-game PINs), this field is optional. You can check when’s the last time the bot has logged on that account and activate/deactivate an account.

This method is not going to be 100% accurate. Shall the bot miss an account it’ll print a warning into the log with the closest match it saw on screen. Replace the value that you’ve entered with what the bot saw and it should find that account on the next run.

Method 3 – Combined

If your game supports method #2 you can combine both methods. The bot will prioritize method #2. It will complete all tasks on the first account, log onto the next account using method #2 and so on, until it logs on all accounts that have been added. Then it’ll swap the emulators using method #1.